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Economics, Business & Finance

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Michael Muir

Institution & Graduation Date: Brown University, May 2020
Major: Environmental Studies (Sustainability in Development)

Michael is a proven leader with four years’ international military experience as a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Now, in addition to his academic studies at Brown University, he stays active in veterans organizations, particularly those focused on veterans in higher learning. He currently serves as President of Brown University's Student Veteran Society, is Chairman of the Ivy League Veterans Council, and is involved with Service to School and Student Veterans of America (amongst other organizations). After graduation, he is looking forward to starting his career as a management consultant and learning more about business strategy. His long-term goal is to help the U.S. develop and implement space policy and strategy that encourages responsible commercial space use and maintains national security.

Michael can be reached at and found on LinkedIn here.

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Davin Lewis

Institution & Graduation Date: Brown University, May 2019
Major: Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations (Business Economics)

Davin served 12 years in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear mechanic, earning the senior enlisted rank of Chief Petty Officer. At Brown, he focuses on economics and entrepreneurship with the occasional English class. His interests revolve around entrepreneurship and business consulting. Davin is currently an incoming consultant at Deloitte.

Davin can be reached at and found on LinkedIn here.


Javier Cuadras

Institution & Graduation Date: University of Pennsylvania, 2021
Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Latin American Relations)

Javier Cuadras served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Administrative Specialist in Okinawa, Japan and Quantico, VA. At UPenn, he studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a concentration in Latin American relations. Javier is the Vice President of the Penn Student Veteran Association and the Chairman of the Centrist Caucus for the Penn Political Union.

He was raised in City Heights and Logan Heights, two racially diverse neighborhoods in San Diego, California. He loves to learn about local and global political news and engage with people from different cultures. His career interests revolve around Consulting, Private-equity, Politics, and International Relations. In his future career path, Javier desires to not only be a leader, but to also find a way to positively impact both his local and global community with his work.

Javier can be reached at and found on LinkedIn here.


Jake Sawtelle

Institution & Graduation Date: Princeton University, June 2021
Major: Undecided

Jake served six years in the Army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician, (i.e., the “Bomb Squad”) and maintains a Top Secret security clearance. Since coming to Princeton, Jake has developed a career interest in finance, business, and consulting.

Jake can be reached at and found on LinkedIn here.

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James Fox

Institution & Graduation Date: Brown University, May 2019
Major: Business, Entrepreneurship, & Organizations

James is a Navy veteran with 7.5 years’ enlisted service as an Information Systems Technician (IT). James served in Yokosuka, Japan for 2.5 years as a general IT before he was hand-selected and trained as a Special Operations Communications Specialist for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), the military’s most elite Special Operations Unit.

James’ experience at NSWDG led to his profound interest in Brown’s Business, Entrepreneurship, & Organizations undergraduate concentration, where he is concentrating in Organizations. Aside from school curriculum, he currently serves as Vice President of Professional Resources for the Brown University Student Veteran Society. He has also acted as a Brown University Chapter representative for ILVC. James has enjoyed his time at Brown, specifically due to the diverse, highly intellectual, and supportive community. He is looking forward to starting his civilian career in Tech Sales at Dell EMC in the summer of 2019.

James can be reached at and found on LinkedIn here.

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Ryan Kokell

Institution & Graduation Date: Cornell University, May 2019
Major: Hotel Administration (Minor: Real Estate)

Ryan is a Bachelor of Science candidate at Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson College of Business, School of Hotel Administration. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Ryan remains active in several veteran advocacy groups specifically focusing on enlisted veteran integration into higher education. He currently serves as the Vice President of Cornell Undergraduate Veteran Association (CUVA) and formerly served as Chairmen of the Ivy League Veterans Council (ILVC). Upon graduation in May of 2019, Ryan will have obtained a B.S. in Hotel Administration and a minor in Real Estate.

Ryan may be reached at and found on LinkedIn here.